Planescaler | Giant aeroscaler RC
Planescaler is the first Romanian based manufacturer and distributor of Giant Aeroscale RC (Radio Controlled) models, which targets worldwide clients.
Planescaler, Giant Scale Models, RC.
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A Planescaler model is a faithful RC replica (90%-95%) of a real airplane, that maintains and incorporates the materials and building techniques used in the real aircraft production. Our products are varied and include models of aeroplanes from the World War II period such as gliders, liason aircrafts, warbirds and bombers.

Planescaler offers a unique experience to the clients through their customized products. Giant aeroscale models combine the flight characteristics of a real aircraft with the authenticity and particularization of our designed and manufactured products.

Our Mission

Planescaler succeeded to combine the scale flight characteristics and the astonishing building of a aeroscale model. Whether it is a Kit or an A.R.F. version, we guarantee through each model unique experiences and emotions, come fly with us.


The idea was born from a mocking passion for Giant Aeroscale RC (Radio Controlled) models


The first model (developed in two versions) was launched. We started shipping our products and made customers happy


Sky is still the limit

AERONCA 7AC Military & Champ version